The “Swamp Duck”

In 2007, we developed a new boat, which incorporates the same classic design elements as our fiberglass boats, now created from Royalex expanded ABS plastic. Royalex has seen great success in the canoe and kayak industry for the past 25 to 30 years.
Our functioning knowledge of Royalex has allowed us to take advantage of this innovative material from canoe boats to our Swamp Duck boat. The hull of the “Swamp Duck” is a unique design which allows the boat to be very stable in the water even while standing up.
The hull also has a lot less drag in the water like an aluminum and fiberglass boats because of the material and be so buoyant.  It also requires less horsepower to propel it and this is what makes the Swamp Duck so great.
Fiberglass & Plastics was establish in 1983 manufacturing fiberglass boats. Later on we tooled up to make Royalex canoes and Royalex boats.

Whether your Boating or canoeing adventure take you on the river or in the lake, Swamp Duck has a boat or canoe to fit your paddling needs to a tee.
Fishing, Hunting, Recreation, Sporting, Whitewater, Expedition or just Floating Down the River, we offer the best canoes and boats for your needs.
A boat maker for over a quarter of a century, Swamp Duck Boats and Canoes are lightweight, durable, technologically superior, and the only choice for people who know and love boating and canoeing.

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